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Soul Str. is a chain of short-term-rentals, created with one purpose: to make you feel appreciated. 

How? through details, style and a genuine passion for hosting. We want you to have a unique experience throughout each step of your visit. 

Soul str short term rentals

We are Francisco, Leah, & Jennifer. SoulSTR is our family business. Francisco & Leah started as Airbnb hosts in 2012, renting out a room in their Waikiki condo. As our love for reviving unique, historic, spaces and hosting grew, we left behind other entrepreneurial pursuits and a career in nursing to pursue this dream full time. Leah’s sister, Jennifer, left education in 2022 to join the team full time. She brought her 6 log cabins and motel lodge along with her.


Together we are growing our portfolio of properties and creating a management company around creating unique stays through attention to detail, style, and a passion for hosting. We now have 6 locations in 3 states with plans to grow.


we treat our team members and guest with transparency and respect.


we are loyal and consistent to our brand’s personality and voice and that helps us build trust.


we value people and are detail-oriented in order to make them feel appreciated during their experience with our brand. 


we aim to offer a memorable experience and to positively impact our environment and community with sustainable practices.


we want to offer a sense of place by leveraging the local culture to create a distinct identity in every location we offer.

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