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Bangor, Maine





5,037 reviews


October 2023

Sin título-1_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Great place to stay! Much better than any hotel I've ever stayed in. Very restorative after our camping weekend.


October 2023

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Loved this place! It was easy to find, with many local restaurants near by. I felt like everything was very walkable, which was fantastic. It was nice to have ice & fresh water available plus the amenities of having a room to grab extra towels & iron clothing. The coffee shop right down stairs was super convenient too! The locked door feature on the front door is nice. I had not realized it was more of a hotel/inn style stay but did not mind as it was super comfy & cozy. Literally the BEST bed I’ve ever slept on while away.


October 2023

Sin título-1-03.png

I couldn't have been happier with this choice. The bed- oh my god- I felt like I was floating. Location, location, location -and the best coffee I've ever had at the shop in the lobby.
Great communication with the host when I locked myself out- instant reply and assistance.

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