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for booking with SoulStr you can find important information about your stay here: 


105 Cove st. We are the WHITE STUCCO U-SHAPED building. We are the second building down on Cove St when turning onto Cove St from Park Ave.


Self check-in begins at 3 p.m.

No office needed for our contactless check-in. Just go straight to your room and enter with your door code.


Check out is 11:00 a.m. OPEN blinds on front windows half way up and SEND us a quick message to let us know you have checked out. A simple "OUT" is just fine! 

 Hot Springs Guidebook 


There are three options for parking.


1. Park on the street in front of the building or along Park Ave.

2. Park in one of the lined spots in the driveway by the rocks.

3. Park in any carport (smaller vehicles)


Wi-Fi name: 105CoveStreetGuest

Password: Welcome105


There is a remote to each mini split (heat/air) unit. You must directly and within close proximity point the remote at the unit for it to work. It will take a few minutes for the air to start gently flowing. The “mode” button changes the setting between heating, cooling, and fan. Then you can adjust the temperature button up and down to your preference. The fan icon adjusts fan speed


We love our housekeeping team and pay them well, but sometimes people still like to give extra. The link below is 100% for for our staff.


We provide coffee from the local brewer The Red Light Roastery. Directions for the 3 types of coffee machines we have:


Room 2-10, 12,17,19

To make a cup of coffee, remove the K cup. Take the top off by twisting the cap with the unlocked icon to white dot. Fill with coffee grounds to first or second line inside the K cup depending on size and strength you desire. Twist lid back on, matching the locked icon to the white dot. The arrow on the k cup should be pointing back toward the Keurig and the two lock icons are in front.

Room 11,13-16,18

We use the self pack re-usable K cups.  Make sure “FRONT” lettering on k cup is facing forward. GENTLY press down on Keurig lever. With the re-fillable baskets it will not appear to be sealed completely but it is. Line up the 5 Keurig head prongs with the 5 holes in the basket. “FRONT” lettering should be on the k cup facing forward.


Laundry room is located in the adjacent building on Park Ave (stone building with dark blue doors) between unit 6 & 7. You are welcome to use the washer/dryers from 4pm to 10pm. Please message us on the messaging platform you booked on to request an access code.


For all communication, be sure to message me through the Airbnb app.


YouTube TV subscription. Go to YouTube TV app and enjoy!

If there's any reason we wouldn't get a five star review please give us an opportunity to fix it before your departure. Once again, thank you very much for choosing to stay with us at 105 Cove St!

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